As of this writing, it has been just over three months since Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico. In this time, instead of the U.S. Government working towards a solution for the people of Puerto Rico, migrations have begun. It was not that many years ago when the mass migration of people due to the effects of climate change was just theoretical. Now, it is no longer theoretical. There is a new diaspora of people from Puerto Rico to the United States. Fellow Americans with big hearts are offering them homes and sanctuary across the nation. They find each other on Twitter, CraigsList, Facebook and other social outlets.

There are also companies with hearts just as big and not all of them are American. Leaders from the corporate world, like Sir Richard Branson, is fighting to make a change along with a coalition of Caribbean leaders to not only bring awareness to this issue but to fix the problem – a completely destroyed electrical grid.

Without electricity, health plummets, hunger increases, and tempers flare. Resiliency is a term we will be hearing more and more of as we move deeper into an era of climate change.

Resiliency, that is where Volta PowerGen comes in. Our products offer protection from these disasters with reliable baseload power from RENEWABLES, not from tankers brimming with diesel and other fossil fuels that has brought climate change crushing down on us.

Volta PowerGen’s solutions are scalable in 100kW increments, are less than half the cost to install and maintain per MW/hr than 20th century solutions, and can operate on a much lower concentration of methane thanks in part to their higher efficiency. Volta PowerGen enables small communities to add biogas to their renewable energy portfolio without relying on outside subsidies, while reducing their carbon footprint and creating more jobs in this growing sector. Our small solutions make a big impact.

While our genset is multi-fuel and able to run off of plain old natural gas, it can also make use of Methane (CH4) so it doesn’t have to be released into the atmosphere.  This allows The Evergreen Genset to generate renewable energy 24/7 and eliminate a dangerous greenhouse gas – CH4 is the most potent global warming gas in existence.