Part 2 Of A 3 Part Series On The Unrealized Potential Of Methane

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Water is the life-blood of the planet. It flows across the valleys and crevices of our lands, it flows through our bodies, it falls from the sky and surges across 71% of the planet’s surface. It is also chugs along through cities’ our wastewater treatment plants.

Every town that has a sewer system has one of these eyesores and the smell is often cringeworthy. But yet they are a necessity for our complicated world. The main benefit of these systems is clean drinking water. Advanced filtration systems removes potential disease-causing contaminants. This keeps potential diseases and bacteria from entering other water sources, or the ground – contaminating farmland and harming people. 

Without wastewater treatment, untreated water released into the environment would pollute even more water – water that cannot be easily contained. Cleanup of contaminated sites are always more expensive than proper wastewater treatment, in both the short term and long terms. The solids from wastewater can be dried to provide farmers with natural fertilizer thus increasing crop yields. This decreases agricultural use of chemical fertilizers that pollute the surrounding marine and surface ecosystems… including the water supply. Essentially this creates a process that produces cleaner water after every use cycle.

There are two other tremendous benefits to wastewater treatment plants; renewable energy and lessening the impacts of climate change.

The solids from the treatment process contains a large amount of organic material. This is both good and bad. It is good that the organic solids are extracted, leaving us with clean drinking water. The bad side is that the solids contain immense amounts of methane, a destructive greenhouse gas that is 86 times worse than CO2. But it can also be used to create clean energy.

Volta PowerGen’s solutions are scalable in 100kW increments, are less than half the cost to install and maintain per MW/hr than 20th century solutions, and can operate on a much lower concentration of methane thanks in part to their higher efficiency. Volta PowerGen enables small communities to add biogas to their renewable energy portfolio without relying on outside subsidies, while reducing their carbon footprint and creating more jobs in this growing sector. Our small solutions make a big impact.

This allows The Evergreen Genset to generate renewable energy 24/7 and eliminate a dangerous greenhouse gas.

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