Part 1 Of A 3 Part Series On The Unrealized Potential Of Methane

Part 2 is HERE. Part 3 can be found HERE.

We all know when we get close to a farm. We could be driving out in the country or across the rural parts of these beautiful United States and we smell it – that unmistakable odor of a farm. Sometimes the odor is from animal manure spread across the fields and other times it comes directly from the livestock, most notably cows, chickens or pigs.

The most common part of this waft from livestock is methane, a destructive greenhouse gas that is 86 times worse than CO2. It can also be used to create clean energy. But the methane isn’t the smelly part, that culprit would be sulphur.

We run into these areas of odor quite often and that should tell you how any farms there are. What you might not realize is how much energy is being wasted by not capturing the methane from livestock.

The process of capturing methane from livestock starts with the manure. The manure is moved to enclosed tanks where it is stirred, heated and sometimes additives are blinded in. All of these steps aids in the methane extraction process.

Once extracted, the methane is pumped into a bladder, it looks like a ping-pong ball once inflated.

The bladder acts as a cache until the gas can be burned by the genset onsite. And we make the best gensets in the business.

Volta PowerGen’s solutions are scalable in 100kW increments, are less than half the cost to install and maintain per MW/hr than 20th century solutions, and can operate on a much lower concentration of methane thanks in part to their higher efficiency. Volta PowerGen enables small communities to add biogas to their renewable energy portfolio without relying on outside subsidies, while reducing their carbon footprint and creating more jobs in this growing sector. Our small solutions make a big impact.

This allows The Evergreen Genset to generate renewable energy 24/7 and eliminate a dangerous greenhouse gas – CH4 is the most potent global warming gas in existence.


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